RFDS Drought Wellbeing for Rural Qld


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How we deal with stress can impact not only our current and future health, but the wellbeing of those around us. Often by talking through our experiences, we can explore different and more helpful solutions and strategies that may reduce the impact of challenging times on our health, and of people around us. Since April 2015, RFDS (Queensland Section) has been leading the Drought Wellbeing Service across Queensland. This program offers counselling and support to people living and working in areas impacted by drought. Through the Drought Wellbeing Service, qualified Mental Health Clinicians work alongside existing RFDS Clinicians and attend established RFDS primary health care clinics. Mental Health Clinicians are also available via telehealth or outreach sessions providing strategies that can help in tough times, or an ear to listen to wellbeing concerns.

Rural Minds and The Flying Doctor


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The Royal Flying Doctor Service have been operating the Drought Wellbeing Service (DWS) across Queensland since April 2015. The service provides mental health and wellbeing services to drought declared parts of Queensland.

Earlier this year, DWS partnered with Rural and Remote Mental Health to undertake presenter training for the “Rural Minds” program, which means DWS Clinicians and Coordinators are now qualified to deliver the Rural Minds program to remote and rural parts of the State.

DWS Senior Mental Health Clinician Karen Sherlock explains why “Rural Minds” is an important program which could benefit your community.

Invisible Farmer Project


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Invisible Farmer is the largest ever study of Australian women on the land. This three year project (2017-2020) is funded by the Australian Research Council and involves a nation-wide partnership between rural communities, academics, government and cultural organisations.
Rural women are encouraged to get involved.
Perhaps there is a story from the previous generations you would like to share.
For more information please check out the website by clicking here.