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Red Dust Telegraph

Our focus is connection, sharing information, news & event, and business promotion for the region.
Promoting Business and Community through the SouthWestDirectory.
Promoting local Events, with a Calendar and offering Employment listings.
Supporting Rural Resilience and Well-being.


Red Dust Telegraph


In 2005, the concept of small town websites helped address the need in our rural communities for accessible cost effective online local promotion of who we are, when our events are happening, and of the employment and training opportunities available.







Connecting by creating an inclusive information and resource sharing environment. By being a voice into the Communities of the South West Region of QLD enabling people to find local information.

Supporting Community

Supporting Community with self-promotion to encourage greater participation by others in their organisation and to enable event date claiming and promotion of events and activity.

Supporting Business

Supporting Business with promotion in a single reference directory and by cross promotion of their events or activity. Enabling Business to realise their potential, be influential, to tell their story and let people know about their services.


Inspiring the communities to be influential, contribute and share their stories.  Fundamental to our purpose is raising the profile of rural communities and their businesses.


Networking to create an inclusive information and resource sharing environment. The Communities of the South West Region of QLD are enabled to find the connections they seek.

Promoting Community

Supporting self-promotion to encourage participation by others in the local community, their organisations and enabling their promotion of events and activity.